5 Good Reasons

… to choose Micron 2000 service …


Item 11 Competence Technology

We have the knowledge, the skills and abilities necessary to achieve a number of facilities for different types of machine tools.


Item 22 Quality

The quality of the products is ensured by a wide selection of materials, by careful design, by a careful study of the processes and rigorous testing final dimensional.


Item 3Operational Flexibility 3

We are able to perform both specific processing and realize both whole equipment. We guarantee the customer making the final load plan, manage and monitor every step of the whole process of making.


Item 44 Reliability and Partnerships

Ensure our commitment to the customer in finding solutions consistent with the objectives agreed upon with the utmost professionalism, correctness and punctuality.


Item 55 Wide Range of Operations and Technology

The large number of suppliers, carefully selected, guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding and complex machining at competitive costs always